• Consistency

    Every bullet is made like the one before, granting ultimate consistency and ultimate performance.

  • Accuracy

    Being accurate requires a zero tolerance approach to bullet shape, weight and finish.

  • Price

    Shoot a lot - Enjoy a lot. Our bullets are priced for the frequent shooter.

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Reloading Info

Dear client,

Please note that we are currently working on our new reloading database. Our reloading forums are no longer in use due to the time required to maintain. The reloading database will be much more user friendly, divided into tables for our different bullets and propellant combinations. Data will be added periodically to better cover the different bullet-propellant combinations.

We recommend the use of the database as a guideline only, as there are many variables to consider when developing the perfect load. Unfortunately, there is no golden recipe when it comes to load development. As always, load safe and have fun!

Best wishes,

- The Frontier Team -