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Welcome to Frontier Bullets! We are a world leading bullet manufacturer, located in South Africa. We are passionate about what we do, that is why you will enjoy supreme accuracy, consistency and reliability when shooting Frontier Bullets!

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We are constantly improving our products and expanding our product range, giving you even better reliability, accuracy, and options. Our factory runs 24 hours a day to keep up with production, ensuring quality products you can trust, every time.

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We are at your service! We take pride in providing knockout service, and we care about every one of our customers. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, comments or queries you may have. We are ready to assist, as soon as possible!

Need some help?

Where can I find a list of bullets?

We have added a complete table of bullets to every one of our specific product pages.

The bullet tables include the most relevant information for the type of bullet, and the lists will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

What is your bullet BC?

We have included G1 Ballistic Coefficient figures to our Spartan and Range Master bullet ranges, and you can find these numbers in the bullet tables on the specific product pages.

Most of the data is still unavailable, but the tables will be updated as soon as the data is complete.

Can you help me with reloading data?

Although we would love to assist each and everyone individually, we unfortunately don’t have access to all the international propellants to accurately determine reloading data.

We recommend you use data supplied by your propellant manufacturer for a similar weight bullet, with the same design/composition of course.

If you cannot find data to assist you, please contact us for assistance. We will be updating the reloading data tables as new data becomes available.